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Hello, my name is Bernhard.
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"I18N Subsites" Pelican plugin

The new I18N Subsites plugin makes it simple to:

  • override settings for each language, e.g. SITENAME or MENUITEMS
  • translate and localize themes using jinja2.ext.i18n
  • automatically create translated subsites such as

Official news (Pelican Development Blog)

I have "installed" the plugin right away and must say it looks quite nice.

So if you want to enjoy the weblog in 100%* German: [link removed] (Plugin is currently disabled.)

But the plugin isn't perfect, for example all of the static content is copied to each subpage :(. Bug Report (Already fixed)

*: Refers only to the theme. In addition, Pelican just seems to have problems with my locale de_DE.utf8, so no German weekday names :(. (Already fixed)


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